Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Agent Fail

Wow, I'm finally getting around to doing the blog thing because of the Agent Fail phenomena. I certainly don't blame any of the bitter writers out there complaining about the collective misbehavior of agents. WAIT! Yes, I do.
1) Any writer spilling their venomous guts unchecked in a diatribe against agents should check in with reality. Nobody is forcing them to write. They should be doing it because it is their passion first. Because they need to. Because their life would be empty without it.
2) I am sure there are disorganized, disrespectful, and unscrupulous agents. But I choose to believe that number is small. Believe in the good of people and you will have a better attitude, which we all need. What comes around goes around.
3)Research shows that complaining too much about a problem is actually bad for you. Get over it, already!
Use it all to make your own writing better. Go ahead rip me up, I'll come back stronger (after a few whimpers).

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