Thursday, November 12, 2009

NaNo Freakout

Alright all of you NaNoWriMore than you ever thought you could in a I'm not talking to those of you who have already won. Is anyone still typing? Oh, wait, we haven't even hit the half way mark yet. Well, that's okay, don't give up yet, even if you are a little or a lot behind. This is about personal goals.

I am a little behind, and it's all my own fault. I had time today. It's the truth. But the unfortunate thing about having time is that it will occasionally be frittered away. I did get some other things done, but I think ADHD got to me. Let's talk about the LACK in my story. I was lacking today. A lack of focus, a lack of desire, a lack of inspiration. Yep, it happens. So I used my best tactic. I did other things than write NaNoWriMo until now I'm almost out of time. So excuse me, I've got to go and write 300 more words in fifteen minutes.

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